A History Of Forgetting

'A History Of Forgetting' available on iTunes and CDBaby through Three Mountain Records!

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Ryan Sweeney - Guitar & Vocals
Darren Bujeya - Jembe, Harmonium, Mandolin, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Andy Steward - Bass
Chris Grey - Drums
Recorded by Mark Woods

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Underground EP 2003

Little King 2001
Little King

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New Album - Out of the Woods

Now available on iTunes and CDBaby or most major digital streaming sites (spotify, lastfm, napster ...) just search for 'roostar out of the woods'

Roostar - Out of the Woods

This album features the late, great, Darren Bujeya on electric guitar, mandolin and backing vocals. How we miss you Brother.

About Roostar

Roostar is the brainchild of Ryan Sweeney, a singer-songwriter who blends folk, rock and blues with gentle, husky vocals to create something deceptively simple – songs that will lift you up and break your heart.

Born and raised in South Africa, Ryan saw the end of segregation play out during his teen years. By 22 he had moved to London and soon formed the band Hubbard, landing on the bill at ‘100 club', 'The Garage', ‘Mean Fiddler', 'Precious Days' and 'Glastonbury' (backstage) .

After Hubbard split, Ryan continued on as a solo artist under the name 'roostar', recording an album and an EP. In 2002 he was asked to join the likes of Midnight Oil, Mick Thomas, Spiderbait and Magicdirt at a one day (fierce festival) festival in London. With the need for new horizons, Ryan relocated to Australia in 2003. Starting out in Melbourne he formed duo with drummer, James Rusbridge, performing at venues like The Espy, The Corner hotel, as well as doing some regional tours.
Ryan moved the regional town of Castlemaine for a several years where he collaborated with guitarist/percussionist Darren Bujeya.

Roostar - Ryan Sweeney and Darren Bujeya

The pair recorded the acoustic album 'A History of Forgetting' and electric 'Out of the Woods' (with Andy Steward and Dave Rogerson) both released on Roostar’s independent label 'Three Mountain Records'.
Ryan is back in Melbourne these days, still giging and recording as always......

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'Time Will Tell' Shot and Directed by Tony Jackson

Hubbard - circa '98

Hubbard - circa '98

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Roostar - Theatre Royal, 23 May 2008

Roostar - Theatre Royal, 23 May 2008

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